Your bachelor party is a unique moment that won’t be reiterated anytime soon. Whether you are in Thailand for 3 days or for 2 weeks, your absolute priority is to make the most of it. You don’t want to get stuck with ugly boring girls and get kicked out of your accommodation by the police because you played music too loud or have too many guests going in and out. Creating unique moments is a great motto and this blog will share here 20+ years of bachelor party organization in Thailand. It’s time to unveil the ultimate tips to make sure to have a memorable time here with your buddies.

Book Early

Confirm The Exact Date

When contacting an event organizer, it is crucial to give them the exact dates as it can change everything, especially a bachelor party. A quote might lose all its value from one day to another. Please keep in mind that there are a lot of Buddhist holidays in Thailand, which means that bars and clubs will be closed for 2 days and no one will be able to buy alcohol anywhere during these 2 days. 

A quote can be valid for certain dates but can be voided for another date, especially if it falls on a holiday. Choose your date wisely and inform your event organizer accordingly. This is very important to avoid any confusion and bad surprises. Moreover, event organizers can recommend some specific dates when epic pool parties or huge music festivals will take place, which might be a chance to combine your private trip with an awesome music festival or public pool party. 

Besides the dates, if your plan is to bring your own alcohol to the party bus (typically for airport transfer), to the yacht or to your villa, please note that, following the law in Thailand, alcohol can be bought only from 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to Midnight. Please keep this in mind to avoid any disappointment and please confirm an exact date so the organizer can advise on dates to avoid (Buddhist holidays) and dates to have the best public events in Thailand.

Confirm The Exact Number Of Participants

The exact number of participants is crucial as it can change the rate from single to double. Most services are designed for a group up to 10 pax. VIP tables in clubs are made for 10 pax groups, if you are 11 pax, you will need to take 2 tables, which brings the total price to double the initial price, for only one additional person. 

Same for the minivan, with a 10 seater capacity, if you are 11 pax, you will need to take 2 minivans, which brings the total price to double the initial price, for only one additional person. Same for 5 bedroom party friendly villas, and so on. Try to know the exact number of participants in advance, because it is important to try and plan as accurately as possible to avoid bad surprises and select the most appropriate options accordingly.

Confirm The Location

As mentioned in the section ‘’select the right location’’, it is very important for you to know the city you plan to go to, based on your previous experiences, your preference between the city and the beach and what is your actual plan there. Besides your city destination, it is important for you to communicate your schedule with locations for each step to make this feasible and optimal in terms of logistics. 

For example the party bus (the big one) is perfect for an airport transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya (mainly tollway, large and stable roads) but it might be an issue for this ‘’big beast’’ to access some small soi (streets) in Bangkok, hence the necessity for them to fully comprehend your itinerary in order to suggest accordingly. Clients who want to ‘’book the party bus and see later’’ are a risk agencies do not want to take. 

The exact route needs to be known (before any deposit is paid) in order to confirm they can drop the clients directly in front of the desired locations or if they will have to walk because the street is too small for the big bus to enter or take a curve. They even suggest another way of transportation entirely. It is also important to confirm which hotel you will be staying in so they can double check with them that they are at least ‘’guest friendly’’, so their sexy performers can enter the premises without issue and delay. 

Make sure to choose the right city based on your plan and make sure to provide the exact locations in case of a party bus crawl. Also make sure to choose a guest friendly accommodation when booking private services, and in general inform your event organizer the details of your locations to avoid any confusion and issues on the event day.

Pay The Deposit

Whereas scammers push you to pay a deposit by offering ‘’under the market’’ rates to push their victims to pay, it is totally legitimate for a reliable event organizer to ask for a deposit in order to book the selected services. ALL services would need a 50% deposit (minimum) in order to be booked. The party scene has been bouncing back greatly since the covid restrictions and the re-opening of the borders: Most of the quality services (not the scammers) need 2 weeks to one month advance in order to book a service.

Understand The Deposit Amount Process

The price of each service, along with the amount of deposit depends especially on how long in advance you are booking your bachelor party. The earlier you book:

  • The largest choice of services and models you will have
  • The cheaper rates you will pay for each booked services
  • The less chance of ending up without any model, villa or yacht available for your dates
  • The cheaper booking deposit you will pay
  • The less hassle it will be to organize your whole trip

It is crucial to understand that professional organizers do not offer a fixed rate for their services, but rather a rate that increases over time. Those who book more than three months in advance can expect to save nearly 50% compared to those who wait until the last minute to book. The latter not only face the highest rates, but also risk receiving less desirable options for models, yachts, and villas, and even the possibility of not receiving any services at all if everything has already been booked by those who planned ahead.

How Long In Advance?

When planning a trip that involves renting villas, models, or yachts, it is important to book in advance in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience. The recommended time frame for booking these types of accommodations is typically 4 months in advance, as this allows for the most options and the best prices. However, booking 3 months in advance is still a good option, though there may be slightly fewer choices available.

If you wait until 2 months in advance to book, you may find that your options are more limited and prices are higher due to the increased demand. If you wait until only 1 month in advance to book, you may find that there are even fewer options available, and the quality of the options may not be as high.

Booking less than 1 week in advance is generally not recommended, as this leaves very little time to research and ensure that you are booking a reputable and reliable accommodation. There is a higher risk of falling for scams, and you may miss out on the best options available.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it is recommended to book through a reliable agency or website. This can help you avoid scammers and ensure that you are booking a high-quality accommodation that meets your needs and expectations.

Choose The Right Location

It is very crucial to select your location before asking for multiple quotations of services. Know your style. Know your group. Know your budget. Know your expectations. Know your location.


Bangkok is obviously the #1 city when you think about a bachelor party. If you are looking for the location with the most options, in terms of models, restaurants, bars, clubs, fun transports, daytime and nighttime activities, Bangkok or ‘’Krungthep’’ or ‘’The city that never sleeps’’ might definitely be your best option. However, if you are looking for more ‘’beach vibes’’ and ‘’quietness’’, Bangkok would not be your favorite destination for sure. Bangkok is noisy, polluted, always traffic jammed but this is ‘’the’’ big metropole full of surprises and excitement. Is Bangkok the city you want to spend your whole bachelor party? I would suggest spreading your experience between a few days in Bangkok and a few days in Pattaya.


Phuket has been popular since the heavy Thai government propaganda to push tourists to come to Phuket. This created a nonsense situation, where every tourist wants to go to Phuket because they see on TV that this is the “best destination”. This made it the most crowded destination of Thailand, raising their ‘’standard rates’’ to more than 200% in the last months. 

The ratio of girls is ridiculous because Phuket has become ‘’Mumbai’’ or ‘’Indianapolis’’ with hordes of Indians invading the walking street. This brings the beautiful ratio of girl/guy in Thailand (which is about 30 girls for 1 guy in Pattaya) to 1 girl for 2 guys in Phuket. Phuket has been transformed into a kind of Indian Metropolis, where the girls are the princesses of the government plan. They ask for a high amount of money for any kind of service. They scam tourists continually by trying to make as many ‘short time’ as possible. 

Phuket is definitely the place to avoid if you want to have a good time with beautiful girls, unless you have an unlimited budget and you love girls that will make problems for you. They don’t care because they have a ratio of guys which has never been seen before and you can believe they will take advantage of it! With unbelievably high prices, low quality services, and scams, Phuket has been the base for the new government plan at the detriment of honest tourists who want to party. 

If you really cannot fight with your ‘’one friend’’ who insists on going to Phuket ‘’because he saw it on the TV news’’ or because he wants to bring nice photos back home, good luck with that. If you are looking for the finest destination for your bachelor party, luckily enough, Pattaya has it all.



Welcome to Pattaya! Pattaya is the #1 location for your bachelor party. Pattaya has a lot of girls, cheap yachts, cheap party friendly pool villas, beach vibes, less police, less traffic, and less pollution, which provides a very special bachelor party location in Thailand. With much less/fewer activities and services than in Bangkok, Pattaya is a great alternative/completion of your initial Bangkok bachelor party. If you plan to get the best entertaining girls for your epic bachelor party or your private pool party, with the best sexy DJs and sexy services, Pattaya is definitely the best option right here.

Book A Party Friendly Accommodation

If you are traveling in a group and your plan is to party, your priority would be to find a party friendly accommodation. First let’s distinguish between a ‘’Guest friendly’’ accommodation and a ‘’Party friendly’’ accommodation. A guest friendly accommodation is an accommodation that accepts guests (to a certain extent) to come in and out of your accommodation. This would be absolutely necessary for your trip as you either will have entertainers come to your place or you will bring freelancers from the bars and clubs. 

Kindly ask and make sure that your accommodation is guest friendly , while avoiding the traps. For example, Lebua Hotel pretends to be guest friendly when you ask the question but will actually charge 2,500thb per guest when you get there, so they are theoretically guest friendly but charge nonsense fees for guests. They not only charge for models but tailors, masseuses, barbers, etc to enter the premises. If you know which hotel is actually a scam and will lie to you to get your booking then charge later for guests, finding a guest friendly place would not be such an issue. 

HOWEVER, finding a ‘’Party friendly’’ accommodation is a real challenge. This is a whole different level compared to ‘’guest friendly’’ places. Party Friendly doesn’t only mean that you will be able to have any kind of guests on the premises but also that you will be able to play loud music there (outdoor or indoor) to a certain extent. If you are planning a pool party after 7pm, with or without a DJ, you will definitely need to make sure that your accommodation is ‘’party friendly’’. 

When you ask the clear question ‘’Are you party friendly? Until what time? To what extent?’’ they will have NO OTHER CHOICE than to tell you the truth. If they answer to you by writing that they are party friendly and they actually aren’t, not only will you have your party wasted but more importantly they might have some huge legal/police issue with their venue. Which is what they want to avoid the most. They won’t lie about that, that’s a guarantee. 

Finding a party-friendly accommodation in a crowded city in Thailand is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. That is the reason why reliable providers have spent the last 15 years developing partnerships with the only ‘’party friendly’’ accommodation in Thailand focusing on Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Keeping their files updated weekly is a full-time job in itself.

What Are The Risk?

If you do not book a ‘’party friendly’’ accommodation, you won’t be able to party in it. Ok, but what are the exact risks if you still do? Firstly it depends on if this is in a hotel or in a villa. If you stay in a hotel and you didn’t make sure it is party friendly before checking in and you still try to party inside, when the neighbors or the staff start complaining, they will have the hotel staff knocking on your door to ask to turn the music down. If you still insist on playing loud music, shouting, and laughing out loud in a group, for the next step the hotel will send their own security to give you a last warning and urge you to stop the nuisances. 

At this step, you still won’t have any problem, unless you want to brave the interdiction another time and the hotel will take some more drastic measures to make sure you stop the nuisance, which can be kicking you out of the hotel for your disturbances. They could also call the police and make sure that each guest will be fined (up to 20,000thb / pers) for misconduct, but they do that very rarely, as they do not want to attract police attention to their hotel.

However, if you are staying in a villa, that is a whole other level. Since there is no staff, concierge or security in most villas, in case you did not make sure the villa is party friendly and there is a party going on there the neighbor will have no choice but to call the police directly. From there you are basically totally fu…ked… There won’t be a second chance, the police will make their way into the premises (they have the full rights if guests are being noisy after 9pm), and start applying a fine of 20,000thb to each single guest in the villa. If there is any resistance or response from the guest, they will simply bring everyone to the police station to pass the next 24 hours there. 

However, even if no one resisted to pay their fine, the police will take the advantage to carefully check the whole premise, in search of some drugs, and will also ask everyone to pee in a test to check for drugs. In case they actually find something or anyone of the guest tests positive, besides the night spent at the police station in a gray humid busy cell, guests will have to go to court, will not be able to leave Thailand and will be subject to prison time that can last for months or even years, based on the drug detected or the quantities found. 

Having your bachelor party in Thailand can be a paradise, if well prepared, as much as it can become hell, if you are not well prepared. It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of booking a party friendly accommodation when planning to party inside, especially if you are planning to rent a villa.

Hotel Suites In Bangkok

Do not bother trying to find a party-friendly villa in Bangkok, if you do not have an ‘’above significant’’ budget, as the scarcity makes the price of it. Any party friendly villa would not be ‘’party friendly’’ anymore after 10pm. Kindly absorb this fact before requesting a party-friendly villa in Bangkok, unless you have a budget of 150KB + / night. 

If you absolutely need a villa which is ‘’party friendly’’ kindly redirect your expectations towards Pattaya, which would be the most appropriate city for what you are looking for. If you are looking for a party-friendly accommodation in Bangkok, within an average budget, please focus on Hotel suites or hotel penthouses, not villas. 

In a hotel, if you guys are too noisy, you will get a warning from the management, then if you guys are totally disrespectful and keep the volume up despite the warning from the hotel staff, you will have to deal with the hotel manager. Nothing will happen until you piss them off again and they will send their security to let you know that you have to stop now or they will call the police: They will NEVER call the police, however they have the total authority to kick you out of the place, which is a very mild punishment compared to other options (villas).

Party-friendly Private Pool Villa In Pattaya

If you are looking for a party-friendly private pool villa in Thailand for your bachelor party, Pattaya is definitely the best location to do so. With its beach vibes, its affordable rates, and its large choice of ‘’normal’’ villas, Pattaya offers the best alternatives for a party friendly villa. Without the promiscuity inherent to Bangkok, there are a few villas that are actually far from other inhabitations, which allows them to authorize parties on their premise, without disturbing the neighbors or anyone around. 

The availability of a funky minivan, proximity to Walking Street and the beach, which are all just 10 minutes away, make renting a villa in Pattaya a highly attractive option. Why opt for a hotel where you won’t have a common space for partying, where the hotel staff will continually judge you and try to get money out of you every time you have sexy guests coming in and out of their premise? You won’t be able to enjoy the pool the way you need, with total privacy. 

Instead you can get a comfy beach vibe, private pool, party friendly villa with all the privacy involved for your epic bachelor party or pool party with bikini models. Indeed, the calculation is made very quickly. A private pool party with bikini models is one of the best experiences that you can have. Renting a private pool in a party friendly villa in Pattaya is the #1 option for accommodation, all destinations together.

Party-friendly Private Pool Villa In Phuket

Private pool party friendly villas in Phuket are similar to the trends of Pattaya villas, with just a few key differences: They are more expensive and usually farthest from the points of interest, as Phuket is much larger than Pattaya. In that case, you should opt to book the funky minivan. Hotels are great in busy central cities like Bangkok, but party friendly private pool villas are definitely the best choices for Pattaya and Phuket. Some agencies do not recommend Phuket (compared to Pattaya for example) as Phuket is currently the target of a Thai government tourism propaganda that attracts thousands of Indian nationals every day to the island. 

This makes it look like an Indian city that also makes the rates overpriced for the actual services/products, and brings the ratio of girls per man in the city to an entirely different ratio. Women might be a significant factor in the choice of where you have your epic bachelor party so do not be surprised if there are almost no girls available. Due to the government propaganda, reality will be different from what you’ve heard or seen on TV. Ladies there are now presumptuous, expensive, snobbish, not fun and behave like little princesses. 

If you are coming to Thailand for the women, flee Phuket and opt for Bangkok or Pattaya, where the girls are much more beautiful, service oriented, have a kind personality and of course, cheaper. However, villas in Phuket can be sumptuous, as long as you make sure they are fully party friendly, you can afford them and you have a private way of transport on the island. Transportation options in Phuket are 2 to 5 times more expensive than in Pattaya and Bangkok for example, which is a factor that should not be ignored.

Why Are They So Expensive Compared To Airbnb?

Simply because these villas are not on Airbnb. Airbnb,, Agoda, VRBO, etc are platforms that offer accommodations for normal holiday spenders such as families, FIT, corporations, etc. However none of them will allow parties in their vicinity, which you can easily check by going down directly to the ‘House Rules’’ section on Airbnb or other sites. You will always see clearly written ‘’not suitable for events’’ which means that you will not be able to welcome multiple guests, play loud music or have any kind of party whatsoever. 

 If you are looking for a villa to spend family time and rest in a quiet villa, then you should be booking your villa on Airbnb (or equivalent). However if you are planning to have multiple guests every night, play the music for a pool party or simply have a party going on, you will not be able to find this on Airbnb. Or you will book a villa there then will have serious problems with the police on the event date, which is what you want to avoid the most, especially if you are not a Thai citizen. 

That would be the beginning of the end. Villas you can find on the net are ‘’standard’’ villas for spending family time, they are not villas for a bachelor party. Luckily enough, reliable agencies like  are spending their resources to dig out the best party friendly villas and offer an updated list of them, so you can select the best villa you want in total peace of mind.

Do Not Settle For Cheap

You have only 3 days to go crazy and make the most of it. Do not select girls based on price! In life, whatever the field, you get what you pay for (still be aware of scams). If you want to have the best entertainers for your party, make sure you have the budget for them, and make sure they are the right ones for you. There are many kinds of ‘’Girls’’, what you want is the best kind.

Scam Organizations

Let’s start with the ‘’Scam’’ girls, which are the girls that you never see, because you have been scammed. The scammers will continue to be super responsive even after you pay them the deposit. They are usually ‘’super responsive’’ as they are not a real organization and do not have to spend time actually ‘’organizing’’ anything as they are pure scammers and no service will be provided. These ‘’agents’’ usually keep the conversation with the victims until they arrive in Thailand. At this stage they are not reachable anymore in any way. This is usually the time when someone in your group is calling around to inquire about this company. 

Some places will confirm to know them and probably already warned your group weeks ago when they discussed their services and prices. Most advice is usually ignored when customers want to go with cheaper prices. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your money back. Most businesses in the industry are doing their very best to stop these practices by sharing articles like this one. How do you recognize a scam organization? They usually start with cheap rates and/or accept to negotiate to very low rates (like under 6,000thb for a party girl). Another of their techniques is to offer (nonsense) attractive packages at very low rates to get deposits from their victims.

Ugly Girls

Some organizations are actually thriving on providing girls, but not the right girls. They will offer very cheap rates with attractive photos but do not let them fool you. The girls who will arrive are not ‘’entertaining’’ and they especially are not the girls you selected in pictures. They usually hire some ‘’cleaning ladies’’ to go for the job instead of the presented models. They usually find some excuse (models having covid being one their favorite ones nowadays) and leave you no choice but to endure these horrible girls that have no entertaining skills, have nothing to do with Thai models, and will spend 90% of their time on their phone, without speaking one word in English. 

If you are lucky enough to actually get one of the girls you choose on photos, you will see the trickery as soon as you will see the ‘’model’’ appear and find out that the images were photoshopped and the model has a face full of maturing pimples, braces, and obviously over 15 kgs more than on the photos.  Please note, this practice is not only implemented with the scammer agents offering their so-called ‘’party girls’’ but also with ‘’reputable’’ escort agencies (check our tip on ‘’do not go for escorts in Thailand).

GoGo Girls

These girls love to get drunk for free and spend time with their friends. These gogo girls are ok to have a drink with at the gogo bar with friends when you are drunk are even more ‘’ok’’ to bring back home with a little bar fine and nicely negotiated favor. These girls have only one ambition, to spend time with their friends (over the phone or physically) and get drunk as fast as possible for free. Some agents offer these kinds of girls as ‘’party girls’. 

Imagine being stuck for 4 hours in a bachelor party with skinny (assless) girls who offer no entertainment whatsoever. They will spend their time on their phone or giggling with their friends in Thai. They will pay no attention to the clients at all and eventually they will get drunk enough that you (the clients) have to take care of them and their vomit. This is what to expect if you decide to trust a random (and named) agency for your bachelor party. Are you ready to spend 6,000thb and get one of these gogo girls? Instead spend 8,000thb and have a real model entertain your friends by providing a lot of sexy fun. 

Don’t only ask yourself the right question but share your point of view with your group. There is always a negotiator in the group who wants to be ‘’the savor’’ of your budget. Despite his intentions, he usually becomes the reason your trip has been wasted. Please put this person directly in touch with a professional so that they can make him understand how this trip is important for his group and a variation of 10 -20% on the price might have a genuine impact on the service and the overall experience.

Professional entertaining Models

Companies such as Thailand bucks and hens have been in this industry for a long time, offering the very best entertainment available in Bangkok since then. Their girls are carefully selected from private parties organized by them and from VIP referrals. They have been through a thorough interview and only a few of them were found with the ‘’Entertaining’’ or ‘’X’’ factor that they request to provide the best services to their customers. From this very best pile, their team has dedicated its time, effort, experience, and money to train them and make them the best sexy entertainers one can expect in Thailand. 

Forget about the lazy ass shaking gogo bar girls you see in the bars or even the sexy dancers you can see in the best clubs in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket! Face the new level of sexy entertainment, available only in private (party friendly) venues with their ‘’military trained’’ party girls, whose only goal is to make you happy and utmost fully entertained. Each one of their girls have been minutely trained to become the new ultimate entertainer in Thailand. Their English speaking level might not be the best in the world, so please do not expect them to talk about things like politics in English within your group. 

You are guaranteed to get the most ‘’sexy ‘’entertaining time you will have in your life. Moreover, they have trained each model based on her very best potential. Some girls are incredible dancers, so they trained them to be the ‘’best strippers’’ in Thailand. Some girls have very generous shape but have no hope about their English skills, and they have been trained to be the most sexy sushi girls and even better ‘’body shot girls’’. They can show their generous ‘’skills’’ there. Some of these models are naturally lesbian, so they are obviously the models that agencies trained to offer the most amazing ‘’lesbian show’’ involving the groom in their unique show. 

Some of their models are professional actresses (on Thai TV) and they are the ones they select and train implementing their infamous ‘’Maid Prank’’, ‘’Ladyboy prank’’ and many other pranks as they can play around and manage the ‘’awkward’’ situation to their best. A difference between a 6000thb girl (from a tricky agency) and a 8000thb girl (from a Normal agency) might represent a tiny 30% difference in price but a battering 500 to 5000% difference in the service quality.

Do Not Start To Negotiate

In most cases, reliable organizers are not open to negotiating their rates, unless the client intends to spend millions of THB. If the client tries to negotiate, only some suspicious companies would agree to offer a discount, but they will not decrease their profit margin. If a company agrees to offer a discount, it could be for one of two reasons:

1. They are part of a scamming organization operating in Thailand and will accept any discount since no actual services will be provided. They only aim to extract money, no matter the amount, from their victims before disappearing.

2. They will not decrease their profit margin, but instead reduce the money paid to the models, which creates various concerns. A significant proportion of models may refuse to take the job, leaving only the worst models who are willing to work for cheap wages. These models will judge the clients and categorize them as “cheap Charleys,” providing poor services as a result. 

Many of these girls are looking for a rich foreigner to sponsor them long-term and possibly leave Thailand with them. Regardless of the client’s goal, whether it’s to bring a model back home, have a long-term relationship with a Thai model, or simply have fun during the trip, showing them that the client has money will show that they must pay attention to the client and provide their best service to fulfill their needs. Bachelor agencies often lose their models as they choose to follow rich clients. 

This is part of the game, and the best agencies must know how to continuously update their model catalogs to always offer younger, better-trained, and reliable bachelor party models to clients. Although most partygoers do not aim to sponsor these models, negotiating rates, even with reliable agencies, would result in lower pay for the models, leading to a limited choice of models, with only the worst ones left, and a poor service as they would judge the clients as not being potential sponsors.

Prank The Groom

The groom must be punished for leaving you guys alone with your single life – Groom you will be missed. A bachelor party is made for having a unique trip among friends, a lot of amazing sex and sexy experiences to create the best memories between buddies, but also to ‘’punish’’ the groom for leaving the group by renouncing on his single life and committing to his wife forever. Besides the ton of sex & fun your group deserves to have, let’s add a touch of creative and delicate fun by pranking the groom.

Keep It A Surprise

The initial step that a bachelor agency should take is to determine whether the person conducting the interview is the groom or the best man. Professional organizers should be able to address either the groom or the best man in terms of discussing the details of the event, particularly when it comes to pranks. It is widely accepted that pranks are a staple of a bachelor party, and a variety of options should be available to the party planners. 

When you see your best friend (the groom) getting a super-hot lap dance from a pro stripper, then get blindfolded (and the hot stripper switched with a ladyboy (LB) with a giant penis), you will try your best to stop laughing out loud when the groom gets the giant penis in his hands although he was expecting to cope with a wet pussy. 

These kinds of moments are priceless and stay in the mind forever. Professionals make sure that the prank is well performed until the end and that the Ladyboy (LB) has the same proportions (boobs and bum size) as the hot stripper, and smells the same to obtain the best result and memories that will last for life. Ask and know your groom’s limit (if he is a homophobe do not get into the LB prank for example) and make sure he is not part of the booking process regarding the pranks, so you can give your group the fun of their life, and the groom prank he deserves.

Avoid Escort Services

Not The Right Girls

Escort services or VIP girls is a service in which sex is provided to the customer. Tempting? You will understand why it is not that great an idea in the next few lines. But first let’s expose the tactics of the popular and ‘’supposed to be ‘’ reliable escort agencies. Please understand the difference between party girls “or bikini babes” who are professional entertainers and ‘’Escorts’’ or ‘’VIP girls’’ who are basically prostitutes (yes this is not very glamorous but this is a fact).

 Escort agencies will lure you into booking gorgeous girls on pictures that look nothing like the girl once you meet her in real life. If you are lucky enough to get the escort girl that you chose on photo (most of them will not be the girls on the photos and they will use the ‘’covid’’ excuse to justify the change, even this is a change in numerous girls), you will find out soon enough that the photos have been trafficked and you will end up with obese ladies full of pimples and with large braces. 

Have you ever booked an escort online? If you did, you will agree that you will not do it anymore. If you never did, keep on the safe side and keep your money for the right entertainment.

Prohibitive Price

Yes, escort rates are very high. Because they correspond to a certain profile of clientele. These girls will not be the best form of entertainment during a bachelor party but they offer guaranteed sex. As you know you can have sex much cheaper from any freelancers from bars or clubs, why should you spend a high amount on an escort? You should simply not. 

Escorts are usually for business men who come solo and do not have time to go out, have fun and drink in the bars/clubs. They just want a quick shot between their business meetings or before their next international flight. This ‘’escort service’’ is not adapted for groups who come to parties. They are rightfully directed to businessmen traveling solo, who do not want to go out and have very little time to spare. If you are a solo businessman traveling in Thailand, reliable agencies will be glad to hook you up. 

However if you are a group of bachelors looking to focus on the ‘’fun’’ and ‘’entertainment’’ side of your trip, save your budget for ‘’ fun and sexy’’ stuff with friends, as you will get sex every night, easily, without having to spend much money (Check the party guide services).

Know Who You Bring Back Home

Having sex is good. Having sex with Thai ladies is a must do when you travel here, and you will have plenty of it. However, you better plan in an ‘’intelligent’’ way. Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on girls that you’ve never met before and you choose from a picture? That does not make much sense (unless you’re a solo business traveler) as you will meet many beautiful girls during your fun trip here. 

You will meet so many girls until you find the one you have a crush on and you decide to bring back to your hotel/villa (make sure this is guest and party friendly). How will you find out she is the one you want to bring back home? Because you would have seen her in real life (not photoshopped photos), because you will have talked to her and you get along, you can make sure she can speak English. She can appreciate your sense of humor, because you will spend time with her beforehand, appreciating her dance moves (that you can imagine on bed), appreciating (or not) her smell (which you cannot possibly assess on pictures), dancing and flirting together and so on. 

Why would you deliberately select a girl in a photo months before your party for a very high price, when you can (with the help of a sexy party guide if needed) find your crush in the best Bangkok clubs while having great fun with your best buddies? And when you bring girls from clubs, I would advise you to make sure they are friends together to avoid any rivalry and bad mood during your after party. Choose a group of girls who are already constituted, not a bunch of random girls, and especially not online, if you are looking for sex.

Beware Of Scams

Let’s start by a specific warning that might save a lot of potential victims:

If you encounter any of the following names on WhatsApp or any other communication platform, we strongly advise you to avoid any transactions and discontinue contact immediately:
–     Nathan     –
–     Thomas    –
–      Karan      –
–      Mike        –
These names have been associated with fraudulent activities. As soon as you recognize any of these names, consider it a clear signal to “exit stage left” and avoid further interaction.

Scams exist in various industries in Thailand, including the tourism and entertainment sector. Tourists and foreign individuals must exercise caution when dealing with individuals, as clever scammers may have established partnerships with corrupt police officers and departments, allowing them to operate for years without any intervention. It is important to note that the vast majority of police officers in Thailand are known to be honest, trustworthy and helpful. However, corruption still exists and the bachelor party and girls industry may also be affected. This is why some scammers may have positive Google reviews on their accounts.

How To Recognize A Scam

  1. They do not have any ‘’Google my business’’ (GMB). If your correspondents do not have any GMB account, there is no question, this is definitely 100% a scam. Scammers get the deposit and won’t be reachable once you arrive in Thailand. You cannot complain to the police or their GMB account. At this point it is too late, just swallow your pride and try to have a good time here despite the sad situation and the loss of money.

  2. They do not have any reviews on their ‘’Facebook’’ (FB) page. Similar to the Google review, do not ever pay any deposit to anyone who doesn’t have reviews on their FB page.

  3. They do not have Trip Advisor (TA) reviews. Similar to the GMB and FB reviews, do not ever pay any deposit to anyone who doesn’t have reviews on their TA page.

  4. They respond instantaneously to all your messages. It is not possible to reply straight to all messages if you are an event organizer. Why? Because you actually spend most of your time actually organizing the events, which is very time consuming and a party planner should always give priority to focus their effort on ongoing events to ensure maximum client satisfaction than trying to reply to all clients just to get the deposit out of them.

  5. It is advised not to trust videos sent by individuals claiming to be party organizers, as they may have been stolen and used for malicious purposes. Scammers often use these videos to gain the trust of potential clients, but it should be noted that legitimate party planners value the privacy of their customers and would not publicly share photos or videos from their events. In order to protect the privacy of clients, they would only keep such videos as souvenirs shared among trusted friends. If someone claims to have obtained these videos with the agreement of the clients, it is recommended to verify this information by requesting contact information for these clients to confirm. Scammers may have obtained these videos through unethical means, which will be further discussed in the “Scam Tips” section.

  6. They do not have a legal company. Do not get it wrong, it is standard procedure for a bachelor party planner to charge clients without VAT. Meaning getting transfers on a private account in order to avoid paying additional taxes and echoing these very high rates on clients. However, this is not normal for ANYONE or ANY ORGANIZATION to operate without having set up a legal structure in Thailand. This would be a clear sign that you are dealing with a scammer. If you are still in doubt, please ask the organization you are dealing with for their ‘’company affidavit’’ or ‘’register of commerce’’, updated less than 6 months ago. If they can provide it, and you are still a victim of a scam from them, you have official info to seize justice and bring them to court (doesn’t mean they are not a scam but allows you to sue them if you have enough time and money to do so, in case of scam). Note especially their ‘’License number’’ or ‘’VAT number’’, this would help you to trace their company ID.

  7. They offer too cheap rates for the required service. Quality service doesn’t come cheap. However cheap rates can be announced by scammers in order to push for a deposit to be paid. It is true that deposits must be paid early in order to book services such as girls, yachts or villas (2 weeks to 1 month in advance usually). But if it comes at an unusual low rate, you can be sure this is a scam. Let’s throw some figures for you to have an idea: a party girl / bikini babes in Bangkok @ less than 6,000thb = scam. A party friendly yacht in Pattaya or Phuket at less than 22,000thb = scam. A party friendly villa in Pattaya or Phuket for less than 22,000thb = scam. Always, please keep in mind, you get what you pay for. You pay the right price for the right service, you pay cheap for low quality service, and if you pay cheaper than cheap, it is a scam.

  8. They do not have any registered office in Bangkok. Along with the scammers without a company license, if they cannot welcome you in their office when you arrive, that means that they are a scam. They will tell you that you can come to visit them and will actually provide a dummy address, this will be your role to verify that the address is indeed real and theirs.

Who Are The Main Scammers?

If you encounter any of the following names on WhatsApp or any other communication platform, it is strongly advised to avoid any transactions and discontinue contact immediately:
 & Mike
These names have been associated with fraudulent activities. As soon as you recognize any of these names, consider it a clear signal to “exit stage left” and avoid further interaction.

There are concerns about fake organizations scamming individuals by imitating legitimate party planning services in Bangkok. These scams exploit trust and the tools provided by genuine companies, often disappearing after receiving payment.

  1. In 2008, a British individual named Jermaine launched a scam website, “,” offering party planning services but never delivering. Legitimate services like “” and “” faced challenges due to Jermaine’s activities. Eventually, Jermaine was deported and banned from Thailand for 14 years.

  2. In 2012, a scammer named Mike posed as a gogo bar owner and convinced a party bus owner to rent out his bus without payment. Mike later started his own scam company, “Buvado,” continuing to defraud people by offering fake services.

  3. In 2015, two students, Nathan and Matthew, scammed a legitimate provider by creating a fake brand, stealing client information, and misusing event photos and videos. Nathan continues to operate under the website “……”

  4. In 2021, a French individual named Chris, along with his associate Thomas, operates the website “www.part…” to scam people. They offer low rates without legitimate online reviews and have focused on improving their website’s SEO to attract victims.

Who Are The Legitimate Bachelor Organizers?

  1. A British gentleman named David is the best contact for an epic bachelor or private party in Koh Samui and Koh Phan Gnan. Although not highly skilled in technology, he is highly reliable in providing an unforgettable experience in Samui with yacht parties, bikini models, and party-friendly accommodations. He has a long history in the industry and offers exceptional customer service, making him a trustworthy and dependable source for such events. The website Thailand Bucks And Hens is proud to promote his services and provide traffic to his site.
  2. If you are targeting Phuket for your bachelor party (check the paragraph about selecting your location wisely), you will be safe with Steve from Phuketstag who has been in the scene for a decade offering reliable services for a bachelor party in Phuket.
  3. If you are looking for a bachelor party organizer in Bangkok or Pattaya, you can trust one of the main bachelor and private sexy party organizer in Thailand: Bachelor Bangkok, opened since 2008 with the largest range of services, all providers considered.
  4. It is recommended to contact K. Boy from Best Party Bangkok for private parties in Bangkok, including a bachelor party and couple fun/sexy trips. K. Boy has established a reputation as a reference in the industry.
  5. If one is searching for a bachelor party in any location in Thailand, “K. Tanny” may be the recommended contact. This 40-year-old Thai national, who can be reached through Bachelor Party Thailand, is known to be knowledgeable about the industry and is capable of fulfilling various requests, even the most unconventional ones, no matter the preferred location. It has been reported that she collaborates regularly with others on various sexy private events.
  6. If you are looking for a bachelorette party or ‘’Hen Night’’ in Thailand, there is only one reliable company organizing them in the whole kingdom: Hen Nights Bangkok. You can contact the adorable K. Faii to assist you plan your bachelorette party. Please note that they focus on Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket with the best male strippers available in the country.
  7. If you are looking for party/event transportation/vehicles, there is not much choice as this company has owned and operated the main party vehicles in Thailand (operating from Bangkok) for more than 12 years. If you are asking another company, you will get the same vehicles but with an additional fee for the agent. So if you need a party transport, you can contact K. Mint from Party Vehicles Bangkok.
  8. BKK French Touch, with multiple branches and a focus on top-notch entertainment and anti-scam services, has been a leader in private event organization and planning since 2004 in Thailand. With thousands of reliable partners and a reputation as the best service provider in the industry, they have served hundreds of international and local clients, such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Microsoft, and have been actively fighting against scams since 2004.

Never Book Girls On Photos

Although it is essential to have the photos of the girls to see what to expect, it does not make any sense to make the final girls selection on pictures.

Beware Of Scams

Scams in Thailand are a real pest especially in this specific industry. Despite continuous efforts to fight against these malpractices, a lot of scammers are still present and are out to keep draining from the market. These scammers will be glad to let you choose girls based on photos because what they want is to get your deposit fast. When you arrive in Thailand, no girls will be provided. 

If the organizer does not try to orient you toward other girls than the ones selected on photos, that should be a red flag because it should be his role to advise and recommend you the best models based on your requirements and on the entertaining skills of the models. Be extra careful about scammers in Thailand and you can learn more about them in the section dedicated to it, ‘’Scams’’.

Photoshop Trend

We are currently living in a society of lies. People like to modify their photos, add some filters, etc until the photos have nothing to do with reality. This is totally not acceptable but most agencies embrace it and are playing with it. There are some agencies that  guarantee 100% of their models on the picture looks like the provided pictures (the same agencies with the most poisitive creviews on google Business). 

When they notice that a model has changed compared to her provided picture, they kindly take her out of their listing. They also know their models inside out as they spend months and sometimes years training them to become the perfect entertainer for your epic bachelor party. They mentioned that they  have noticed that some models are trying to modify their photos to look more attractive, often flattening their stomach or exaggerating their boobs. 

They do not accept these photos and they do not accept work with these models until they are able to provide realistic photos of themselves. However, this is not the case for every agency who pushes girls to use Photoshop to look more attractive to finalize more sales. These agencies are usually the same as the ones scamming victims.

Entertaining Side

If you come to Thailand to have your bachelor party, what you want is to make sure that you will have the time of your life. Beauty aside, you need to make sure that the models you hired are entertaining enough to make your time worth it for you and your friends. Beautiful girls would not be enough. You do not want to get stuck for several hours with girls who behave like princesses, who are ignoring you and spend their time speaking in Thai language with their friends, spending their time on their phone, etc. 

You want them to be dedicated to your pure entertainment, you want them to lap dance and play sexy games. You want them to offer outstanding shows, you want them to look into your eyes with love during their awesome performance. You basically want them to make you have the time of your life. For that, obviously, selecting models on photos would be a big mistake: How can you know how ‘’fun’’ and ‘’entertaining’’ a model can be, on photo? This is simply not possible. 

Beware of the traps, showing gorgeous models on photos to make the clients book, when the girls won’t be the girls from the photos. They will be spending their time on their phone, or in the worst case scenario, won’t actually even be there when you arrive. The best agencies make sure the models they offer have a deep training to behave the expected way with guests, in term of behavior and entertainment, and make sure clients want to see them again on the next days (usually impossible as there usually fully booked 2 weeks to one month in advance, BTW, so better listen to organizer advices and select the girls accordingly).

Believe The Expert Providers

Instead of asking and insisting on selecting some girls in photos, ask and listen carefully to the model providers’ advice: they know which model will best fit your event based on your requirements. Let’s take an example of a Lesbian show involving 2 models: He can of course book the 2 girls that the clients insisted on booking as per their perception of the photos. However, they would love to hear from the client: ‘’We really love this girl (based on photo), is she very good for the Lesbian show? 

If we choose her, which of the other models will have perfect chemistry with her?” If you want the best show possible, just let them choose the perfect girls for you. This way, they will definitely get the best options for the selected service. Let’s take an example of a sexy sushi dinner, don’t you want to book the models with the best boobs? Or maybe you are into concrete hard boobs? Didn’t think so.. but how can you judge this on photos? 

The client will always have the last word, but why not ask ‘’Which of the available girls are the best for Sushi dinner?’’. Same for Pro strippers: ‘’Which girls are the best dancers and the most entertaining?’’. Same for the party guides: ‘’Which model would be the best English speaking and know the best the nightlife, based on the selected location?” Clearly share your requirements with them, then let them recommend the best models for the job (based on model availability, so book in advance!).

Avoid Packages

Packages are supposed to be less expensive and make everyone’s lives a lot easier. But this is only on paper. Packages are rigid and don’t allow you to make choices.

Your Event Is Unique

Packages are based on an exact number of people. Let’s say you see a package that offers 10 pax (which is the average pax for a bachelor party in Thailand), if your group is 9 pax (a minivan is 10 seaters for example), the price / pers would be different and it might not be beneficial anymore to take a package. If your group is 11 pax, the package cannot be applied at all anymore, as you will need 2 minivans to accommodate your group transport, so the price will be actually twice the price announced on the package, which doesn’t make any sense. 

Moreover the services included in a package cannot be changed for other services when booked into a package. As you can guess, guests still want to select their own services. It is already very difficult for 10 people to agree on the services they want to experience during their special trip. Now imagine if instead of offering separate services that can be chosen ‘’a la carte’’ all the 10 people would have to accept the activities and services included into the package. Most of them would be disappointed.

Do not select a ‘’package’’ because you think it is ‘’economical’’ but take the time to discuss with your team and with your organizer to select the most appropriate services accordingly. That will make the majority of your group involved in their design of the program and everyone will have their word to say and a chance to be part of an epic bachelor party shared among your team members.

Packages Are For Scammers

Packages are supposed to be cheap. This is the leverage scammers are using to lure their victims into their scheme (the living proof is the former scammer called Buvado, check the section about it). ‘’Packages’’ are well ranked on Google so they are the best hook to get victims to find them, moreover they are supposed to be cheap so this is the perfect way for victims to get lured into epic expectations at a low rate and pay the deposit. Packages are not actually applicable in most of the cases, because of many reasons (pax#, activities, etc), so as you understand, if this is too cheap, this is a trap!

Packages As Marketing Tools

As you might know the keywords such as ‘’packages’’ or ‘’best’’ are the most searched words on Google and have their way of doing their magic. Organizations are usually using these keywords to increase their base audience, without actually offering anything interesting in their packages.

Avoid Gentlemen's Clubs

Looks Good On Paper

Gentlemen clubs might look appealing from outside: Beautiful girls, dancing on stage, offering sexy shows for the crowd and the opportunity to have them sitting with you, drinking with you, dancing with you and even bringing them back home. Looks like a paradise place for a bachelor party? You are then very far from the truth.

The Girls

Gentlemen clubs offer girls, a lot of girls, but quantity is not quality. First you need to understand that girls working there are exploited by the gentlemen club owners through different stratagems, implemented by the gentlemen club owners. A girl who is not happy to work will automatically be a pitiful entertainer. Girls there are not fun at all, they just know how to shake their booty on the stage but they will not be able to speak a word of English or be able to entertain you the sexy way you expect when you invite them to your table. 

Since these places are especially made for Japanese, Korean and Singapore clients, they have extra white skin, with usually a very flat bottom and stone hard fake boobs. They are just sitting around, waiting for the 20 minute pass to be able to charge another drink to their ‘’clients’’. They do not speak English at all but might know some funny words in Japanese, Korean and Chinese though. If you are one of these nationalities, these kind of places can be ideal for you, as you won’t be able to touch much but you will be able to spend significantly high amounts of money to impress your colleagues or customers, without losing sight of your conversation with your clients as the girls will more be ‘’in the background’’. 

However if you are an Indian national, avoid these places at all costs, the women there are formatted to please (in a very light way..) Japanese and Korean people, the same way they are formatted to ignore and neglect Indian customers. These gentlemen clubs are perfect places for customers who are coming for close business deals with their clients, and are from Japan, Korea or China, however, if you are coming for a bachelor party, this is typically one of the traps to avoid in Bangkok (along with Russian escorts, dealing with scammer organizations, and a few more), especially if you are an Indian national, looking for an epic time in Thailand.

Cost And Fees

If you are a businessman aiming at showing your financial power to your potential clients or business partner, these gentlemen clubs would be the perfect place for you (Again only for Japanese, Korean or Chinese persons). However, if you are coming for a bachelor party, do not bother with these places, unless of course you are not Indian and you are still aiming at impressing your friends with your money. These places are always a good way to ‘’waste’’ money. The people who are going there are not ‘’wasting’’ their money as they are spending big to close big deals and will get their money back through their business deals. 

But it doesn’t make any sense to go there for a bachelor party. I know they explain that ‘’You will get what you paid for’’ which remains true, but that also depends on your goal, paradigm and long term plan. In a gentlemen’s club, this statement gets its real value if you come there for business purposes, certainly not for pleasure. Let’s review the fees of gentlemen’s clubs: You will spend an outrageous amount of money just to enter the club and open a bottle (15kb). Then you will have to pay drinks to the girls every 15-20 minutes at even more outrageous rates (500thb / lady drink) for girls that will not speak a word of English. 

They know the word ‘’No’’, as you cannot do anything with them so they always say ‘’no!’’ to your request. Then comes the time where you want to bring one of these girls back home… First they will announce a price of 8000 to 12,000thb for a bar fine (this is just the price you pay to the bar owner to bring the girl out of the bar) but keep in mind that 90% of the girls would not accept to go back home with you even if you offer them a crazy amount. Their goal is to make you pay for as many ladies drinks as possible, at the highest possible rates, until the latest time at night in order to maximize their profit. Making sure that you will have no chance to have sex on that night. They will admit at the club closing time that they will not come back home with you, pretending usually to be very drunk. 

This guarantees that you won’t have enough time to visit a go-go bar or an after party to find someone to bring home. If you are looking for the most perverted blue ball experience available in Bangkok, gentlemen clubs are made for you. But be advised to keep an eye on the bill at all times, as the girls and the staff will keep adding bills about everything and anything such as ‘’fruit basket’’, ‘’soft drinks’’, ladies drinks’’ etc that you never ordered. Even if you don’t want them , they will tell you afterwards that this is part of the ‘’entrance package’’. 

Most of us would consider it as the straight scam, but it makes the happiness of some Korean, Japanese and Chinese businessmen who just want to show an ultra-high bill to their clients or business partners to close a deal in a drunken atmosphere. These places are the type to avoid for people who want to party, have a good time with their friends and want to have sex at the end of the night. 

For these types of people, you will totally feel scammed at the end of the night, and you will have to pay the final bill anyway as they have their own way to get paid. Of course agencies can book the ‘’best’’ gentlemen clubs in Bangkok for your group, but make sure you do it, only if you are well informed about what these places are, from this article or from contacting agencies that understand their scamming processes.

Select The Right Way Of Transport

Once again, to make the most of your trip here, you want to avoid wasting your time in the traffic. You also want to:

  • Avoid getting scammed by random taxis and tuk tuks in the streets
  • Have an English speaking driver who will understand your directions and instructions
  • Have a vehicle always in standby at each of your preferred locations
  • Have a vehicle that can fit all persons from your group to not split up and get lost
  • Have a powerful sound system and being able to play your own favorite music
  • Be able to face each other either in a big vehicle or in a vehicle offering rotating seats
  • Be able to bring back home all the girls you want at the end of your night out
  • Have enough space for being able to move, dance and have fun with your friends 
  • Avoid the police blocks that could waste your night out (and  your whole trip)
  • Avoid bad surprises such as tollways, gasoline and parking fees at the end of the service
  • Save as much money as you can on your transportation in order to spend it on party & models, is the exclusive owner and provider of party vehicles throughout Thailand. The company owns all party buses, party minivans, disco tuk tuks, and stretch limousines that exist in the country, making it the only option for those seeking a unique form of transportation. 

By contacting multiple agents, clients risk paying more and experiencing delays, confusion, and misunderstandings. Moreover, they take the risk to get in contact with one of industry scammers, who will offer irrestible rates, to easily lure their victims into their scams.  Talk to the companies that directly offers its vehicles without additional margins and offers control over the event to ensure a smooth experience. The company details its offerings, including its funky minivan and party bus options.

Funky Minivan

The options offered by include a funky minivan. The minivan has been custom designed for groups who want to keep the party going during their trip and includes the best party facilities. The minivan has been modified from a standard VIP Minivan to be the ultimate party vehicle. 

The features of the funky minivan include an English speaking driver, an LED bar for drinks, 24/7 customer service, a powerful Pioneer sound system, a disco and clubbing light system, rotating seats for facing each other, a seating capacity of 10 people, being the only van in Thailand allowing drinking alcohol inside, a driver with access to a VIP group that warns of police blocks in Bangkok, and all tollway, parking, and gasoline fees are included with no hidden fees.

Party Bus

The Party Bus is owned and exclusively provided by, as the sole owner of the only legitimate party bus in Thailand. This bus is listed on the FB page and can only be used by service providers that are considered non-scammers. In the past, the owner has been cautious about working with scammers, leading to other bachelor party organizers not having access to the bus. 

However, due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the original party bus has been parked and is now for sale. Interested buyers can check its specs and conditions on the link provided.

Party vehicles Bangkok has invested in another party bus, which is still the best option in Thailand, with a private party space on the ground floor and a second floor that can accommodate more guests if necessary. This bus is ideal for big groups, with a maximum capacity of 30 seaters and is designed for airport transfer or long trips. It features a private space with a disco light and a powerful sound system, ensuring that anything that happens on the bus will stay on the bus.

However, the party bus may not be convenient for bar-hopping in Bangkok’s city center due to its large size and limitations in accessing small streets because of low-hanging electricity wires. In such cases, it is recommended to use the funky minivan for standby and bar-hopping.

Stretch Limo

Stretch Limos are rare and very costly in Thailand. One of the reasons being that Stretch Limos are not built in Thailand and are imported (like the party bus) and the taxes for such imported vehicles reach 300% to 500% on the already very expensive price of the vehicles, without counting the logistics involved in such a process.

Airport Transfers

If you want to start your trip at full speed, you might want to get welcomed straight from the airport with the sexiest models holding a sign with the groom’s name. Proceed to directly hop into a party vehicle to bring you either to your hotel in Bangkok or your pool villa in Pattaya. Avoid taxi scams and get into the party mood as soon as you get your luggage and reach the exit!

What Is The Size Of Your Group?

If you need a party vehicle for your party time/trip in Thailand, the first step would be to find the right sized vehicle based on your requirements and the first criteria being the size of your group. Let’s make it straight, if you are a group under 10 pax, the party minivan would be the best option, but keep in mind that you will need some extra space or limit the passengers number to 7 or 8 , for airport transfer if you have some voluminous luggage.

However if you are a group above 10 pax, and looking for a fun ride with strippers, especially from Bangkok to Pattaya or from Pattaya to Bangkok, the party bus would be your best option. With 2 floors, and a ‘’secret party room’’ on the ground floor, this would be the best option for big groups, up to 45 pax. However, once again, big warning, only the providers listed as ‘’non scammer’’ will be able to provide this party bus. This party bus is the property of owners and they will never let any scammers use their party bus

Basically for groups of less than 10 pax, you should go with the party minivan, unless you need extra space for dancing and welcome strippers onboard. Even if you have luggage, you are better off taking a second minivan or car to carry the luggage if you are on budget. However, if you have a higher budget, and you want to have sexy shows or pro strippers onboard, or if you have a big group of friends, the party bus might be the best option.

What Budget Do You Have?

Of course, some groups are on a budget and should find the most appropriate option based on their budget

Do Not Request Russian Girls

You Are In Thailand, Not Russia

You are in Thailand and you have the opportunity to spend an amazing time with the most sensual women on the planet. Thai women have amazing shapes, flower smell, unequaled sex skills and they love to party, dance, have fun, and feel sexy. They are the most adorable women in the world if you treat them the way they deserve. Russian girls who are in Thailand are not the same Russian women that live in Russia. They come to work, and by work, they really mean ‘’work’’. 

Russian girls are not sexy entertainers, they are just escorts. They get customers for sex, not for entertainment nor pleasure. They like to make the client feel small and they request to be treated like a princess without giving any effort from their end. They feel like they are rare and expensive (a rate that doesn’t make any sense for the provided service) and they will try their best to get out of the situation. Especially if you book them as an escort they will over-carefully count the times they make you cum to finish the job in hours or minutes even if you book her for many hours or a full day. 

An escort can leave after the client cums the agreed number of times. A Thai lady would spend the time until the end and make sure the client is entertained and happy at all times during the services. These are just 2 different worlds. Adorable exotic creatures who know how to entertain and Russian cash hoovers that think about only one thing: Leaving the place as soon as possible, with as much cash as they can handle. Plus the other world… The Indian world. ONLY Indians nationals have been requesting Russians in Thailand. 

This is an exclusive ‘’Indian thing’’, no other nationality of customers had ever requested for Russian or European women. I am then addressing this to Indian partiers only: If you want to party, do not ask for Russian or European models, they are boring to death, party breakers, cash hoovers, and are usually well above your budget (give a budget idea here).

Russian Girls Do Not Mix With Thais

You should never bring a gun to a knife fight, so why bring Russian girls to a pool or yacht party with Thai ladies? Because you will enjoy the variety and complementarity of white skin/blond hair with cream skin/black hair, all of this in a single location and time window, which would be great? Or maybe you are looking for trouble even before starting the party? Please try and be realistic. 

You have booked some Russian models from one side and some Thai models from another side. No serious agent would let you book these 2 different models which are on opposite sides of the spectrum, if they are reliable. If you are planning for a friendly, sexy, entertaining, hot party, please do not make the ultimate mistake of mixing Russian and Thai models. I can guarantee it will not end well for your party.

Russian Ladies Are Pure Party Breakers

Of course, there are super nice, smart, friendly, beautiful Russian ladies in Thailand. There are great models, great dancers, great actresses, but not in the ‘’escort’’ or ‘’sexy entertainment’’ field (or only for ultimately high budgets). Russian (or European in general) women who are working in this field have a special way of thinking and maximizing their time and revenue. Which is not really the way customers should be treated. 

You can only hire Russian girls as escorts because they would never accept an “entertainment” job that does not include sex. Russian escorts working in this field just want to offer sex as fast as possible to fill in their ‘’cum quota’’ and leave for another job. That wouldn’t make any sense in a Russian hooker’s brain to work in ‘’sexy entertainment’’ as she certainly doesn’t want to have fun and sexy entertainment. Contracts are based on an agreed exact amount of hours worked. 

Escort contracts are different as the model can leave as soon as the client cums the number of times agreed on the contract. And they know how to make an Indian client cum in minutes if not seconds. If you want to cum fast, without partying, and let the models go, after paying an exorbitant amount of cash, be my guest. But this is not the way people see a good bachelor party. 

However, don’t get me wrong, Russian hookers can be a ‘’good option’’ for rich solo business men who have no time or mood for a party but need a ‘’quick intense fuck’’ to think better on their next business move or simply have a good night sleep. In any case this section is especially written toward Indian nationals as no one else would ever pay attention to Russian hookers when you are in Thailand, and you already know the deal with them.

So What About These Russian Girls?

If you are looking for a Russian escort, with sense, that necessarily means that you are a very healthy and busy Indian businessman. If you are coming here for a bachelor party, simply forget about Russian escorts because you will face an army of scammers who will send you sexy pictures of Russian ladies all more gorgeous than the others, and of course at unbeatable rates! Looking for a hook up with ‘’Russian babes’’ in Thailand is the very best way to get scammed. 

However if you do like to be treated bad, just because you want to have sex with a blond girl one time in your life, that first means that you are Indian (no other nationality ever requested Russian girls in Bangkok..) and if this is financially possible for you to afford, agencies can assist you in avoiding the Russian Mafia and getting scammed. However, do not expect some love from a Russian hooker in Bangkok.

Planning A Yacht Party

Book In Advance

As mentioned repeatedly earlier, booking in advance will be the key to a successful party trip. You would need to require and book at least 3 to 4 months in advance if you want to get the best rates and options for your yacht party. However, you still can find some acceptable options by booking only one month in advance, but you will pay more money and have a very limited choice. However, trying to book a yacht less than one month in advance shows a will of wasting the whole group’s trip and getting scammed. Kindly forget about any boat party if you start to look into it less than one month in advance. Unless, you are actively looking for getting scammed.

Where To Have Your Yacht Party

Boat rates, service quality and conditions vary a lot between the locations.


As you might know, Bangkok cannot offer an at sea experience as it is not close to the beach/sea (except the commercial port that you don’t want to get close to), so the very first fact is that the boat party will be on the Chao Phraya River. So the yacht/boat party will happen on the river, not at sea, which is a completely different experience than having a boat party at sea. Not better, not worse, just different, and it would only depend on your expectations. 

A yacht party on the Chao Phraya gives you the opportunity to discover Bangkok from a whole new angle.  Passing through the illuminated temples and under the low rise bridges gives a pure feeling of adrenaline and being part of this amazing Thai culture. However, it comes with its downsides: participants, including models, will not be allowed to show anything sexy on their body. To make it simple, bikini babes would not be able to wear bikinis. 

That would not take their fun and entertaining mood away a bit, but they would simply not be allowed to wear bikinis or very sexy dresses, which can be a deal breaker for some partiers. This is essential to get this info out of the way to continue explaining about Bangkok boat parties. Most of the boats in Bangkok are not ‘’yachts’’ but they are ‘’barges’’ with usually less modern designs but larger spaces and great sound systems. 

Boats in Bangkok have been designed for corporate events more than for ‘’sexy yacht parties’’. It is ideal for large group parties, and to experience the temple’s sunset in Bangkok. Keep it in mind and compare to the other options, to select the best boat party option during your trip.


Phuket offers a unique and unforgettable experience with its yacht/boat parties. Located on the stunning Andaman Sea, Phuket is a paradise for beach lovers and water enthusiasts. With its crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, and stunning coastline, Phuket is the perfect destination for a yacht or boat party. 

The yacht parties in Phuket offer a chance to escape the bustling city life and explore the breathtaking beauty of the Andaman Sea. With its calm waters and stunning sunsets, Phuket is the perfect setting for a relaxed and enjoyable yacht party. Participants can enjoy the beautiful views of the island, bask in the sun, and take a dip in the refreshing sea.

In Phuket, yacht parties come in all shapes and sizes, from intimate gatherings to large, extravagant events. Whether you want a romantic getaway with your significant other or a wild night out with friends, there is a yacht party option to suit your needs. With a range of activities available, including snorkeling, island hopping, and sunset cruises, you are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, Phuket is known for its vibrant nightlife, and the yacht parties are no exception. With powerful sound systems and a range of musical styles, yacht parties in Phuket offer an unforgettable musical experience. And with its warm and welcoming atmosphere, you are sure to have a great time and meet new friends.

In conclusion, a yacht or boat party in Phuket is a must-do for anyone visiting the island. With its stunning scenery, warm waters, and lively atmosphere, a yacht party in Phuket is the perfect way to relax, unwind, and create unforgettable memories.


Pattaya is a popular destination for boat parties, offering a unique and exciting way to enjoy the city and its surroundings. With a range of boats available for hire, ranging from small speed boats to larger yachts, there is something to suit every group size and budget. 

As with any boat party, it’s important to note that alcohol will likely be served, and most boat owners do not allow sexual activity in the cabins. Despite this, Pattaya boat parties offer a great opportunity to soak up the sun, enjoy the sea breeze, and make memories with friends or family. Whether it’s a romantic sunset cruise or an all-out party boat, there’s something for everyone in Pattaya.

The scenery in Pattaya is truly breathtaking, with its clear blue waters, lush tropical islands and stunning sunsets. With the right music and drinks on board, it can be an unforgettable experience. In addition, most boats come with a crew and a captain, making it a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

So if you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to experience Pattaya, consider a boat party! Just remember to drink responsibly and respect the rules set by the boat owner to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for everyone on board.

About the Author - Paul Smith

I am a compulsive traveler and an insider in Thailand and Bangkok’s nightlife, for now more than 20 years.

With extensive knowledge of the city’s party spots, party services and party planners, I am happy to provide expert tips, tricks, and secrets.

Having tried various event services, I guide you to the best experiences and help you avoid common pitfalls in planning a bachelor party or private event in Thailand.

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