Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Avoid Packages

Packages are supposed to be less expensive and make everyone’s lives a lot easier. But this is only on paper. Packages are rigid and don’t allow you to make choices.

Your Event Is Unique

It is advisable to avoid packages when planning for a group event. They are typically designed for a specific number of people, which may not be suitable for your group size. For instance, if a package is designed for 10 people and your group consists of 9 people, you may end up paying a different price per person that may not be cost-effective. Similarly, if your group consists of more than 10 people, the package may not be applicable at all, and you may have to pay more for additional services. 

Furthermore, they often come with pre-selected services that cannot be changed, which may not suit the preferences of all group members. It can be challenging for a large group to agree on the same activities and services, and forcing them to accept pre-selected options can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Instead of opting for a package solely because of its cost-effectiveness, take the time to discuss with your group and event organizer to determine the most appropriate services based on your specific requirements. This approach will allow everyone to have a say in the design of the program and ensure that all group members are involved in creating an unforgettable experience.

Packages Are For Scammers

Scammers often use the notion that packages are supposed to be inexpensive as a means of deceiving their victims. They take advantage of this perception to attract victims to their fraudulent scheme, as evidenced by the notorious former scammer Buvado (refer to the section about it). By ranking highly on Google searches, packages become an effective lure for potential victims, who are enticed by the promise of a low price and grand expectations. However, the reality is that it may not be applicable in most cases due to various factors such as group size and activities, among others. Therefore, if the package seems too cheap to be true, it is likely a trap set by scammers.

Packages As Marketing Tools

It is worth noting that keywords such as “packages” or “best” are among the most commonly searched terms on Google and are known to work their magic. Many organizations leverage these keywords to expand their audience base, even though their packages may not offer anything particularly noteworthy or appealing.