Scam Organizations

Let’s begin with the “Scam” girls, who are girls you never get to see because you’ve been scammed. The scammers will continue to be extremely responsive even after you’ve paid them the deposit. They are usually very responsive because they’re not a real organization and don’t actually have to spend time organizing anything. 

They’re pure scammers and won’t provide any service. These scam organizations “agents” will typically keep the conversation going with the victim until they arrive in Thailand. At that point, they become unreachable. This is when someone in your group might start calling around to inquire about the company. 

Some places may confirm that they know about the scammers and may have even warned your group weeks ago when you discussed their services and prices. Most of this advice is ignored when customers want to go for cheaper prices. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your money back. 

Most businesses in the industry are doing their best to stop these practices by sharing articles like this one. How can you identify scam organizations? They usually offer cheap rates and/or accept to negotiate to very low rates (such as under 6,000 THB for a party girl). Another technique they use is to offer attractive packages at very low rates (which are usually nonsense) to get deposits from their victims.