Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Do Not Request Russian Girls

You Are In Thailand, Not Russia

In Thailand, there are amazing opportunities to spend time with beautiful women who are sensual, love to party, and have great sex skills. Thai women are known for their stunning figures, floral scent, and fun-loving nature. They are truly amazing if you treat them with the respect they deserve. However, it’s important to note that Russian girls who work in Thailand are not the same as those who live in Russia. These girls come to work and make money, and they are not interested in entertaining or having fun with clients. 

Russian girls in Thailand are typically escorts, and they are only interested in providing sexual services to clients in exchange for money. They are not interested in making the client happy or entertaining them in any way. They demand to be treated like princesses and will often leave as soon as they have fulfilled their duties, regardless of how much time you have paid for.

On the other hand, Thai women are different. They will stay with the client until the end and ensure that they are happy and entertained throughout the service. Thai women are adorable exotic creatures who know how to entertain and satisfy their clients. It’s important to note that Indian nationals are the only ones who have requested Russian or European women in Thailand. No other nationality has made such a request.

If you want to party in Thailand, it’s best to avoid Russian or European escorts as they are typically expensive and not interested in providing a good experience for their clients. Instead, focus on Thai women who are more fun, engaging, and focused on making sure you have a great time.

Russian Girls Do Not Mix With Thais

Bringing Russian girls to a pool or yacht party with Thai ladies is like bringing a gun to a knife fight. It doesn’t make sense and can cause unnecessary trouble. Sure, the idea of having a mix of white and cream skin, blonde and black hair in one place may sound appealing, but let’s be realistic here. 

If you have booked Russian models and Thai models separately, it’s highly unlikely that any reputable agent would allow you to mix the two. These two types of models are on opposite ends of the spectrum and mixing them can create an uncomfortable and unpleasant atmosphere at your party.

If your goal is to have a fun, friendly, and entertaining party, then it’s best to stick with one type of model. Mixing Russian and Thai models is a recipe for disaster and can ruin the vibe of the party. So, save yourself the trouble and choose one type of model that fits your party theme and stick with it.

Russian Ladies Are Pure Party Breakers

There are undoubtedly some exceptional Russian women in Thailand who are smart, friendly, and stunning. They are great models, dancers, and actresses, but they do not work in the escort or sexy entertainment industry, except for those who demand very high budgets. Women from Russia or Europe who do work in this industry have a particular mindset that focuses on maximizing their time and revenue, which isn’t necessarily the way customers should be treated. 

Russian girls can only be hired as escorts since they will not accept any entertainment job that does not include sex. These escorts are only interested in providing sex as quickly as possible to meet their “cum quota” and move on to their next job. It makes no sense in their mind to work in “sexy entertainment” because they have no desire for fun and entertainment. Contracts are based on an agreed number of hours worked.

Escort contracts are different because the model can leave as soon as the client has reached the agreed number of times for sex. And they know how to make Indian clients cum in minutes, if not seconds. If your goal is to cum quickly, without partying, and let the models go after paying a large sum of money, then go ahead. But this is not what most people would consider a great bachelor party.

However, don’t get me wrong, Russian escorts are the perfect option for wealthy solo businessmen who don’t have the time or inclination to party but want a quick, intense sexual encounter to clear their minds for their next business move or have a good night’s sleep. This section is specifically for Indian nationals since no other nationality would consider hiring Russian escorts when in Thailand.

So What About These Russian Girls?

If you’re searching for a sensible Russian escort, it implies that you’re a healthy and busy Indian businessman. But if you’re planning a bachelor party, forget about Russian escorts as you’ll come across a horde of fraudsters who will send you pictures of beautiful Russian women at unbeatable rates. Seeking a hookup with “Russian babes” in Thailand is the easiest way to fall for a scam.

Nevertheless, if you’re willing to be mistreated simply to have sex with a blonde girl once in your life, it means you’re Indian (no other nationality ever asks for Russian girls in Bangkok…), and if you can afford it, agencies can assist you in avoiding the Russian mafia and scams. However, don’t expect any affection from a Russian hooker in Bangkok.