Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Do Not Settle For Cheap

You have a limited window of 3 days to live it up and seize the moment. Don’t choose companions based solely on their cost. In all areas of life, you typically receive what you pay for (although be cautious of fraudulent schemes). If you desire the highest quality performers for your event, ensure that you have the necessary funds and select those who best suit your preferences. Remember, there are various types of entertainers available, so it’s important to choose the ones that are the best fit for you.

Scam Organizations

Let’s begin with the ‘Scam’ girls, who are girls you won’t ever get to see because you have fallen for a scam. These scammers will continue to be extremely responsive even after you have paid them a deposit. They are usually very quick to respond because they are not a legitimate organization and do not actually have to spend time organizing anything since they are pure scammers and won’t provide any service. 

These ‘agents’ typically keep in touch with their victims until they arrive in Thailand. However, once they arrive, the scammers become unreachable. This is typically the time when someone in your group starts to call around and inquire about the company. 

Some places may confirm that they know the scammers and may have even warned your group weeks ago when you were discussing their services and prices. However, most advice is usually ignored when customers are looking for cheaper prices. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your money back. 

Most businesses in the industry are trying their best to put an end to these practices by sharing articles like this one. So how do you recognize a scam organization? They usually start by offering very cheap rates and/or accept negotiating very low rates (like under 6,000 THB for a party girl). Another technique they use is to offer attractive packages at very low rates that don’t make sense to get deposits from their victims.

Ugly Girls

Some organizations make their money by providing girls, but not the right kind of girls. They may offer very low rates with attractive photos, but don’t be fooled. The girls who show up won’t be entertaining, and they certainly won’t be the same girls you chose from the photos. Instead, they may hire some “cleaning ladies” to do the job instead of the presented models. 

They may use excuses like the models having COVID-19 to get out of providing the promised girls, leaving you with no choice but to endure these terrible girls who lack any entertaining skills and have nothing in common with Thai models. They may spend 90% of their time on their phones and not speak a word of English. 

If you’re lucky enough to actually get one of the girls you chose from the photos, you’ll see the trickery as soon as the “model” appears. You’ll find out that the images were photoshopped and the model has a face full of pimples, braces, and is obviously more than 15 kgs heavier than in the photos. It’s important to note that this practice isn’t limited to scammer agents offering so-called “party girls.” It can also happen with “reputable” escort agencies (check out our tip on “Do not go for escorts in Thailand”).

GoGo Girls

Some girls working in gogo bars in Thailand love to get drunk for free and spend time with their friends. They are not interested in providing any entertainment to their clients, except perhaps a little conversation. Some agencies offer these kinds of girls as “party girls”, but they are not recommended for a bachelor party. 

If you hire one of these girls, be prepared to spend a lot of time with someone who is not interested in you or your friends. They will likely spend most of their time on their phone or talking with their friends in Thai. They may get drunk and become sick, leaving you to take care of them.

It’s better to spend a little more money and hire a professional model who will provide real entertainment for your party. Don’t let someone in your group who is only interested in saving money ruin your trip. Hire a professional and pay a fair price for a quality service.

Bachelor Bangkok Models

Bachelor Bangkok is an experienced company that has been providing top-quality entertainment in Bangkok for a significant amount of time. The company carefully selects their girls from private parties they organize and VIP referrals. Each girl undergoes a thorough interview process, and only those with the desired “Entertaining” or “X” factor are chosen to provide the best services to customers. From this select group, Bachelor Bangkok’s team invests their time, effort, experience, and resources into training them to become the best and most alluring entertainers in Thailand. 

Discover a new level of enticing entertainment that is only available in private venues that are party-friendly. These venues feature “military trained” party girls who are focused on making sure you are completely satisfied and entertained. These girls are a cut above the lazy, ass-shaking gogo bar girls or the sexy dancers found in the top clubs in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket. Each of their girls has undergone extensive training to become the ultimate entertainers in Thailand. While their English-speaking skills may not be exceptional, they will still make sure your group is having a great time, even if they cannot engage in political conversations in English.

You can be assured of experiencing the most seductive and entertaining time of your life. Additionally, each model has been trained to showcase her best potential. For instance, if a girl is a skilled dancer, she has been trained to become the best stripper in Thailand. If a girl has a voluptuous figure but lacks confidence in her English-speaking abilities, she has been trained to be the sexiest sushi girl or body shot girl, where she can demonstrate her ample “skills”. Finally, if a model is naturally inclined towards being a lesbian, the agency has trained her to offer the most amazing lesbian show that involves the groom as part of the unique performance.

The group selects and trains professional actresses from Thai TV to carry out their infamous pranks, such as the “Maid Prank” and “Ladyboy Prank”. These actresses are skilled at handling awkward situations and are chosen from both tricky and normal agencies. However, there can be a significant difference in service quality between a 6000thb girl from a tricky agency and an 8000thb girl from a normal agency, despite the relatively small 30% difference in price.

Do Not Start To Negotiate

Reliable organizers typically do not negotiate their rates, unless the client is willing to spend millions of THB. If a client attempts to negotiate, only suspicious companies may agree to offer a discount, but they will not compromise their profit margin. If a company does offer a discount, it could be for one of two reasons: 

1. They are part of a scamming organization operating in Thailand, which will accept any discount since no actual services will be provided. Their aim is to extract money from their victims before disappearing.

2. They will not reduce their profit margin but instead decrease the money paid to the models, leading to several concerns. Many models may refuse the job, leaving only the worst ones who are willing to work for cheap wages. These models may provide poor service and judge clients as “cheap,” regardless of the client’s goals, such as having a long-term relationship with a Thai model or just having fun during the trip.

Some of these models may be looking for a rich foreigner to sponsor them long-term and possibly leave Thailand with them. Demonstrating financial stability will show the models that the client is worth their attention, and they will provide the best service to fulfill their needs. Bachelor agencies may lose their models as they follow rich clients. 

Therefore, the best agencies must update their model catalogs continuously to offer younger, well-trained, and reliable party models to clients. Although most partygoers do not intend to sponsor these models, negotiating rates, even with reliable agencies, could result in lower pay for the models, leading to limited model choices and poor service as they judge clients as non-potential sponsors.