Do Not Start To Negotiate

Organizers of bachelor parties are typically unwilling to negotiate their rates unless the client is prepared to spend millions of THB. Attempting to negotiate may result in a discount from some dubious companies, but they will not sacrifice their profit margin. If a company agrees to offer a discount, it could be due to one of two reasons. The first possibility is that they are part of a scamming organization operating in Thailand, and will accept any discount since they have no intention of providing any actual services. Their only aim is to extract money from their victims before vanishing without a trace. 

The second possibility is that the agency will not reduce their profit margin but will instead lower the wages of the models. This can cause several issues, including a significant proportion of the models refusing the job, leaving only the worst models who are willing to work for low wages. These models may judge the clients and provide poor service as a result. Many of these girls are seeking long-term sponsorship from wealthy foreigners and may follow them out of Thailand. Even reliable bachelor agencies risk losing their models to richer clients.

Therefore, the best agencies must continuously update their model catalogs to offer younger, better-trained, and reliable bachelor party models to their clients. While most partygoers do not intend to sponsor these models, negotiating rates, even with reputable agencies, may lead to lower pay for the models, resulting in fewer choices and poorer service from those who deem the clients as not being potential sponsors.