Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Avoid Escort Services

Not The Right Girls

Escort services, also known as VIP girls, provide customers with sexual services. However, it’s not a good idea to indulge in such services. In this article, we will expose the tactics used by escort agencies and why it’s best to avoid them. 

It’s important to understand the difference between professional entertainers, such as party girls or bikini babes, and escorts or VIP girls, who are essentially prostitutes. Despite what escort agencies may claim, they are not reliable and often resort to deceitful practices.

One common tactic used by escort agencies is to entice customers with pictures of beautiful girls who look nothing like the actual escorts. Even if you do manage to book the girl in the photo, it’s likely that she will not be the same person due to the agency’s frequent use of excuses such as COVID-19. In reality, you may end up with an obese, pimpled, and heavily-braced woman.

If you have ever booked an escort online, you know how disappointing the experience can be. It’s best to avoid such services altogether and save your money for more legitimate forms of entertainment.

Prohibitive Price

The rates for escort services are very high and correspond to a certain type of clientele. While these services offer guaranteed sex, they are not the best form of entertainment during a party. It’s much cheaper to have sex with freelancers at bars or clubs, so there’s no need to spend a lot of money on escorts. 

Typically, escorts are for business men who travel alone and don’t have time to go out and have fun in bars and clubs. They just want a quick sexual encounter between business meetings or before their next international flight. This type of service is not suitable for groups who come to party. It’s intended for solo businessmen who have little time to spare and want a quick fix. If you are a solo businessman traveling to Thailand, reliable agencies will be happy to help you.

However, if you are a group of bachelors looking to focus on the fun and entertainment side of your trip, it’s best to save your budget for “fun and sexy” activities with friends. You can easily find sexual partners every night without spending too much money. Check out party guide services for more information.

Know Who You Bring Back Home

Having sex with Thai ladies is a must-do when you travel to Thailand, and you will have plenty of opportunities for it. However, it’s best to plan in an intelligent way. Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on girls you’ve never met before and only choose based on a photo? It doesn’t make much sense, unless you’re a solo business traveler. During your fun trip, you will meet many beautiful girls, and you will eventually find the one you have a crush on and want to bring back to your hotel or villa (make sure it’s guest and party friendly). 

How will you know if she’s the one you want to bring back? Because you’ve seen her in real life, talked to her, and get along with her. You can make sure she speaks English, appreciates your sense of humor, and you’ve spent time with her beforehand. You can appreciate her dance moves, assess her smell (which is impossible from photos), dance and flirt together, and so on.

Why would you deliberately select a girl in a photo months before your party for a very high price when you can find your crush in the best Bangkok clubs while having great fun with your best buddies (with the help of a sexy party guide, if needed)? If you bring girls from clubs, make sure they are friends to avoid any rivalry and bad mood during your after-party. Choose a group of girls who are already together, not a bunch of random girls, and especially not online if you’re looking for sex.