Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Photoshop Trend

It is crucial to be wary of using photos to book girls for your party, as many people manipulate their images using filters and other enhancements, a practice commonly known as Photoshop. While this is not acceptable, some agencies still deceive their clients by using doctored images. At Bachelor Bangkok, however, they are committed to ensuring that all their models look exactly like their provided pictures. 

If they notice any differences between a model’s appearance and her photo, they promptly remove her from their list. They spend months or even years training their models to be the best entertainers for your party, and they have noticed that some models alter their photos to appear more attractive, such as flattening their stomachs or exaggerating their busts using Photoshop.

Bachelor Bangkok strictly prohibits the use of such photos and avoids working with models who engage in such practices until they provide realistic images of themselves. Unfortunately, not all agencies follow the same standards, and some even force their models to use Photoshop to make them more appealing and increase sales. These agencies are often the same ones that engage in model scams, which is why it is essential to avoid booking girls based on photos and only work with trustworthy and reputable agencies.