Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Party-Friendly Pool Villas In Phuket

When it comes to a bachelor party in Thailand, party-friendly private pool villas in Phuket are a great option to consider, though there are some notable differences compared to Pattaya. The villas in Phuket are typically more expensive and are located further away from points of interest due to the larger size of the island. To get around, it’s recommended to rent a funky minivan. 

While hotels are a good option in cities like Bangkok, private pool villas are the way to go in both Phuket and Pattaya. However, some agencies caution against choosing Phuket due to a current Thai government tourism campaign that heavily targets Indian nationals, causing imbalanced girl-to-man ratios and overpriced services and products.

If availability and quality of women are crucial to your party, it may be better to choose Bangkok or Pattaya. Nonetheless, luxurious party-friendly private pool villas are still available in Phuket, as long as they meet your party needs and budget, and you have reliable transportation. It’s important to note that transportation options in Phuket are generally more expensive compared to Pattaya or Bangkok, so budgeting for it is important.