Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Book Early

Confirm The Exact Date

It is essential to provide event organizers with precise dates when making contact, as it can significantly impact the event. A quote that is valid on one day may lose its value the next. In Thailand, there are several Buddhist holidays, during which bars and clubs are closed for two days, and alcohol cannot be purchased anywhere. To avoid confusion and unpleasant surprises, it is crucial to choose dates wisely and inform the event organizer accordingly. 

Additionally, event organizers may suggest specific dates for epic pool parties or large music festivals, which could be an excellent opportunity to combine your private trip with a public event. If you plan on bringing your alcohol to the party bus, yacht, or villa, be aware that, according to Thai law, alcohol can only be bought from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to midnight. To ensure the best experience, please provide the exact dates and allow the organizer to advise on dates to avoid due to Buddhist holidays and the best public events in Thailand.

Confirm The Exact Number Of Participants

Having an accurate headcount of participants is crucial, as it can affect pricing and availability. Most services cater to groups of up to 10 people. VIP tables in clubs, for example, are designed for groups of 10, meaning that if you have 11 people, you will need to book two tables, doubling the cost for just one additional person. 

The same applies to minivans, which typically seat up to 10 passengers. If you have 11 people, you will need to book two minivans, doubling the cost for just one additional person. This also applies to party-friendly villas with five bedrooms or more. It is essential to have an accurate headcount in advance to avoid any surprises and choose the most suitable options accordingly.

Confirm The Location

As discussed in the “Selecting the Right Location” section, choosing the right city based on your preferences and past experiences is essential. It’s also crucial to communicate your itinerary with the event organizer to ensure logistics are optimized. 

For instance, a party bus is perfect for an airport transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya due to the main tollway and large roads, but it may not be suitable for navigating small streets in Bangkok. It’s essential to provide the exact locations of each stop to the organizer to avoid any issues or delays. Additionally, it’s vital to confirm whether your hotel is “guest-friendly” if you plan on booking private services or having sexy performers on-site.

To avoid confusion and issues on the event day, it’s crucial to choose the right city and provide precise locations for a party bus crawl. Make sure to select guest-friendly accommodation when booking private services and inform the event organizer of all necessary details. It’s also crucial to provide the exact route before making any deposits to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Pay The Deposit

While scammers may offer “under the market” rates to trick victims into paying a deposit, a legitimate event organizer may require a deposit to secure selected services. A 50% deposit (minimum) is typically necessary to book any service. It’s important to note that due to the bounce back of the party scene following COVID restrictions and border reopening, most reputable services require a booking time of 2 weeks to one month in advance. Scammers should be avoided, and trusted organizers should be chosen to ensure a successful and safe event.

Understand The Deposit Amount Process

The price of each service and the amount of deposit required depends largely on how far in advance you book your party. Booking earlier has several advantages, including:

  • A wider selection of available services and models to choose from
  • Lower rates for each booked service
  • Less chance of not finding a model, villa, or yacht available for your desired dates
  • A lower booking deposit required
  • Less stress in organizing your trip as a whole

It’s important to note that professional event organizers do not offer a fixed rate for their services, but rather a rate that increases as time goes on. Booking more than three months in advance can lead to nearly 50% in savings compared to those who wait until the last minute to book. Late bookers not only face the highest rates, but also run the risk of receiving less desirable options for models, yachts, and villas, or even no services at all if everything has already been booked by those who planned ahead.

How Long In Advance?

To have a successful and enjoyable trip that involves renting villas, models, or yachts, it is important to make advance bookings. The ideal time frame for reserving these types of accommodations is generally four months in advance, which provides a wide range of options and the best prices. However, booking three months in advance is also a good choice, although there may be slightly fewer options available. 

If you wait until two months in advance to make a reservation, you may encounter limited options and higher prices due to increased demand. Booking only one month in advance may result in even fewer options, and the available options may not be of the same quality.

It is not advisable to book less than one week in advance as this leaves little time to research and confirm that the accommodation is reputable and reliable. There is also a greater risk of encountering scammers and missing out on the best options.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it is recommended to make reservations through a trustworthy agency or website. This can help you avoid scams and ensure that you book a high-quality accommodation that meets your needs and expectations.