Why So Expensive Compared To Airbnb

You won’t find party-friendly villas on popular vacation rental platforms like Airbnb, booking.com, Agoda, and VRBO because they are geared towards families, FIT, and corporations. These platforms prohibit parties, as indicated in their ‘House Rules’ section that states ‘not suitable for events.’ So, if you plan to have multiple guests, play loud music, or host any type of party, these platforms won’t be useful. However, if you’re seeking a quiet family vacation, then you can use Airbnb or a similar platform. 

Standard villas suitable for family vacations are typically available on these platforms, but not ones for bachelor parties. Fortunately, companies such as Bachelor Bangkok specialize in finding and updating the best party-friendly villas, including those not listed on those websites. Booking with such a company ensures you’ll have the ideal villa for your needs without the risk of police issues during your event, especially if you’re not a Thai citizen.