Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Avoid Gentlemen's Clubs

Looks Good On Paper

At first glance, gentlemen’s clubs may seem alluring, with their beautiful girls dancing on stage, performing sexy shows for the crowd, and the opportunity to have them sit with you, drink with you, dance with you, and even go home with you. However, if you think this is a paradise-like setting for a bachelor party, you are gravely mistaken.

The Girls

It’s important to note that gentlemen’s clubs, despite offering a plethora of girls, do not necessarily provide quality entertainment. It’s essential to understand that these girls are often exploited by the club owners through various schemes. Consequently, an unhappy girl may not be an entertaining performer. The girls are often uninteresting and lack the ability to speak English or entertain you in the manner you expect. 

These establishments are typically designed for Japanese, Korean, and Singaporean clients, with girls having very white skin, a flat bottom, and hard fake breasts. They spend most of their time waiting for the 20-minute pass so that they can charge another drink to their “clients.” While they may know a few funny words in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, they do not speak English. If you are one of these nationalities, these establishments may be ideal for you, as you can spend considerable amounts of money to impress your colleagues or customers without losing sight of your conversations.

However, if you are an Indian national, it’s best to avoid these places altogether. The women there are often trained to please Japanese and Korean clients and tend to ignore and neglect Indian customers. These gentlemen’s clubs are perfect for customers looking to close business deals with their clients from Japan, Korea, or China. However, if you are visiting Bangkok for a bachelor party, you should avoid these establishments (as well as Russian escorts, scammer organizations, and other similar traps), especially if you are an Indian national looking for an epic time in Thailand.

Cost And Fees

If you’re a businessman hoping to showcase your financial prowess to potential clients or partners, gentlemen clubs could be the perfect location for you, but only if you’re Japanese, Korean, or Chinese. However, if you’re planning a bachelor party, you should avoid these clubs unless you’re not Indian and still want to impress your friends with your money. These clubs are typically a good way to “waste” money. The people who go to these clubs aren’t wasting their money because they’re spending big to close big deals, which they’ll make back through their business. 

But going to a gentlemen’s club for a bachelor party doesn’t make any sense. While the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true, it also depends on your goal, mindset, and long-term plans. In a gentlemen’s club, this saying only holds real value if you go there for business purposes, not for pleasure.  

Let’s take a closer look at the fees of gentlemen’s clubs: You’ll spend an exorbitant amount of money just to enter the club and open a bottle (15kb). Then, you’ll have to pay for drinks for the girls every 15-20 minutes at even more outrageous rates (500thb/lady drink) for girls who don’t speak a word of English.

They know the word “no” because you can’t do anything with them, so they always say “no!” to your requests. Then, when you want to take one of these girls home, they’ll announce a price of 8,000 to 12,000thb for a bar fine (which is just the price you pay to the bar owner to take the girl out of the bar). 

But keep in mind that 90% of the girls won’t accept to go back home with you, even if you offer them an astronomical amount. Their goal is to make you pay for as many lady drinks as possible, at the highest possible rates, until the latest time at night to maximize their profits. They’ll ensure that you have no chance of having sex that night. They’ll pretend to be very drunk at the club’s closing time and admit that they won’t come back home with you. 

This guarantees that you won’t have enough time to visit a go-go bar or an after-party to find someone to take home. If you’re looking for the most perverse blue-ball experience available in Bangkok, gentlemen’s clubs are perfect for you. But be sure to keep an eye on the bill at all times, as the girls and staff will keep adding bills for everything and anything, such as “fruit basket,” “soft drinks,” “lady drinks,” etc., that you never ordered. They’ll even tell you afterward that this is part of the “entrance package,” even if you didn’t want them.

Most of us would consider this to be an outright scam, but it brings happiness to some Korean, Japanese, and Chinese businessmen who just want to show an ultra-high bill to their clients or business partners to close a deal in a drunken atmosphere. These places should be avoided by those who want to party, have a good time with friends, and want to have sex at the end of the night. If you fall into this category, you’ll feel completely scammed at the end of the night, and you’ll still have to pay the final bill because they have their own way of getting paid.

Of course, agencies can book the “best” gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok for your group, but make sure you only do it if you’re well-informed about what these places are from this article or from contacting agencies that understand their scamming processes.