Bachelor Bangkok Tips

An Expensive Price

Although escort rates are expensive, they cater to a specific type of clientele. While they may not be the best choice for entertainment at a bachelor party, they do offer a guarantee of sex. However, given that sex can be obtained much cheaper from freelancers at bars or clubs, it may not be worth spending a lot on an escort. 

Typically, escorts are meant for solo business travelers who don’t have the time to go out and party. They’re looking for a quick encounter in between meetings or before their next flight. Escort services aren’t well-suited for groups that are coming to party, and are better suited to solo travelers.

If you’re a group of bachelors looking for fun and entertainment, it’s better to save your budget for fun and sexy experiences with friends. You can easily find opportunities to have sex every night without having to spend a lot of money by checking out party guide services.