Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Avoid Escort Services

The service of escorting or hiring VIP girls involves providing sexual services to customers. Although it may seem tempting, the following lines will explain why it’s not a great idea. First, it’s important to differentiate between professional entertainers such as party girls or bikini babes, and escorts or VIP girls who are essentially prostitutes, despite being advertised as glamorous. 

Escort agencies often use deceitful tactics to entice customers into booking their services. They showcase pictures of gorgeous girls who do not resemble the actual girls you’ll meet in person. Even if you do manage to get the girl you chose from the photos (which is unlikely), you’ll soon realize that the pictures were doctored, and the actual girl may be obese, have pimples, or braces.

If you’ve ever booked an escort service online, you’ll agree that it’s not a pleasant experience. If you haven’t, it’s best to avoid it altogether and save your money for legitimate entertainment options.