What Are The Risk?

Not booking a party-friendly accommodation can pose significant risks if you still try to party. The consequences vary depending on whether you’re in a hotel or a villa. In a hotel, if you try to party without confirming that it’s allowed, the staff may ask you to turn down the music if other guests complain. If you persist in creating a disturbance, the hotel could kick you out, and you could be fined up to 20,000 THB for misconduct. 

However, the risks are much higher in a villa since there is no staff or security to intervene if you’re causing a disturbance. If neighbors complain about the noise, they can call the police directly, and the consequences can be severe. The police have the right to enter the premises after 9 pm and fine each guest 20,000 THB for noise complaints. If any guest resists or reacts, they will be taken to the police station for the night. The police may also search the premises and test everyone for drugs, and anyone found with drugs could face imprisonment.

In short, it’s crucial to book a party-friendly accommodation if you plan to party inside, or else you risk ruining your vacation and facing significant legal consequences. With proper planning and booking, you can enjoy your bachelor party in Thailand without any unnecessary risks.