Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Confirm The Location

As emphasized in the section ‘’choose the right location’’, it is crucial to confirm the location you plan to go to. You should consider your previous experiences, your preference between the city and the beach, and your actual plan. Along with your city destination, it is important to communicate your schedule with locations for each step to make this feasible and optimal in terms of logistics.

For example, the party bus (the big one) is perfect for an airport transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya (mainly tollway, large and stable roads), but it might be an issue for this ‘’big beast’’ to access some small soi (streets) in Bangkok. Hence, it is necessary for them to fully comprehend your itinerary to confirm the location and suggest accordingly. Clients who want to ‘’book the party bus and see later’’ are a risk agencies do not want to take. 

It is crucial to confirm the exact route (before any deposit is paid) to ensure they can drop you directly in front of the desired locations or if you will have to walk because the street is too small for the big bus to enter or take a curve. They may even suggest another way of transportation entirely. Confirming which hotel you will be staying in is also important to double-check with them that they are at least ‘’guest friendly’’. This will avoid issues and delay when their performers enter the premises.

In summary, make sure to choose the right city based on your plan and confirm the location with your event organizer. Provide the exact locations in case of a party bus crawl and choose a guest-friendly accommodation when booking private services. In general, inform your event organizer of the details of your locations to avoid any confusion and issues on the event day.