Bachelor Bangkok Tips

Ugly Girls

There are organizations that profit by providing girls, but not the ones you actually want, most of them are ugly girls. They offer very low rates and present attractive photos, but don’t be fooled. The girls who show up are not entertaining and definitely not the ones you selected from the pictures. They often hire “cleaning ladies” or other ugly girls who have nothing to do with the presented models. They come up with excuses, such as the models having COVID, to leave you with no choice but to endure these unskilled and unentertaining women who spend 90% of their time on their phones and don’t speak any English. 

If you’re lucky enough to actually get one of the girls you chose from the photos, you’ll quickly realize the deception when the “model” arrives and you see that the images were photoshopped. The model might have a face full of pimples, wear braces, and weigh over 15 kgs more than in the photos. Please note that this practice is not limited to scamming agents offering their so-called “party girls,” but also happens with “reputable” escort agencies (check out our tip on “do not go for escorts in Thailand”).